Sophie’s Mission

Hi everyone. It’s me, Sophie!

I want to tell you why my mission is so important that I am opening up and being all vulnerable by letting you read my diary.



To spread great ideas on how to accept, appreciate and really love yourself, because I know that being confident is the key to being happier, more successful and having a fulfilling and meaningful life.


I went through some challenging times when I was searching for my forever home, my place in the world. I did not understand some of the things other people did, and why they would behave in a way that wasn’t nice, so I got confused, and that didn’t feel good at all.


When lots of things came at me at once, I retreated to a very dark place. Luckily, I had my “framily” to help me out and allow me to see that I am a wonderful and radiant being of light and I can and have done many awesome things already. Once I learned to love and appreciate myself, and how to stay in a positive frame of mind no matter what others may say or do, life got really good.

I am so much happier and it seems like everything always goes my way. I am able to manifest such incredible things because I have learned how to keep my energy vibrating at a very high frequency, which makes me a success magnet.

I have shared my journey and my heart with you in my diary, and with an open heart, I invite you to delight yourself with my story and learn how to deal with difficult people, conflict and inner doubts, just like I did. I want you to be as happy as I am. I promise you will love the story and learn so much.

Once you read the story, please pass it on and be part of my mission.

Sophies Mission Final 5


For Parents:

It is so important for parents to really feel self-love and live a life of confidence. Why?
~ You deserve a fantastic life that is easy, fun and fulfilling!
~ Children learn from how their parents act, not what they say. How can you teach confidence or convince your children they have value when you don’t value yourself or your abilities?
~ The best way to protect our children is to teach them to protect themselves, emotionally. This book provides the tools for them to do so, hidden in an adorable story they will love.
~ Parents say my diary format allows them to read with their children and gives them an opening to discuss relevant issues that can be challenging to bring up.


For Non-Adults:

This book is so fun. You will love it. We will get to be good friends as I open my heart to you. In return for your time, I will make sure you learn about how to deal with some of the crazy stuff we have to deal with in life. There are ways to make life much more fun. I want to make sure you understand how awesome you are so you can love this life you have been blessed with and bless the world by sharing your unique talents.


For Entrepreneurs:

You may wonder what this book has to do with being a mega success. EVERYTHING! I want you to be so happy and vibrating at such a high frequency, that you become a manifesting magnet. That’s the secret behind the secret.

~Get clear on what you want

~ Create a plan

~ Take action

~ While keeping a highly positive state of mind so you can vibrate at the same frequency as the awesome life you deserve.

I want you to have a wildly abundant and prosperous life!


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Get your copy now. And please help me further my mission to help others really love themselves and confidently live the life they desire and deserve.

Forever Yours,

~Shine Bright~

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