Cassi Eubank

Meditative Speaker and Author Cassi Eubank

Cassi Eubank is a dubbed “The Results Coach” because she knows how to take your vision, get you to clarify it then help you storyboard your success. She has learned that keeping that childlike quality of wonder keeps her in touch with her creative side and allows her to first see, then manifest the things she loves in her life. Cassi has produced and hosted a television show on the FOX network for almost five year, been the voice on two radio shows and currently hosts Believe & Receive radio. You can hear her at

Cassi has written two other books. Now the author has turned her attention to the creative world of fiction, delivering powerful life lessons that she shares with her clients on the pages she writes. While everyone can relate to her fictitious tale, her heart is in showing young people how to deal with life’s challenges with grace and ease.

Her Diary of an Ugly Sweater Companion Guide is due out soon. This guide will ask questions about Sophie’s journey and how it relates to the reader. By applying the lessons that Sophie learns directly to experiences the readers have gone through, growth occurs because of you will develop new skills in how you deal with yourself and others.

Cassi is happily married to John Scheefers. They live in Boca Raton, Florida with their German Shepard Rocky. She is blessed with a wonderful son and daughter in law, Leif and Elissa as well as having the joy of a grandson, Elliot Johnsen.

Cassi loves singing, gardening, beaches, photography and all that life has to offer. Travel and meeting new people while visiting exotic places is her biggest passion.

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