My First Annual Ugly Sweater Party

Hi everyone,

It’s me Sophie!!! You know me, the almost-famous author of Diary of an Ugly Sweater.

I am so excited to let you know I am throwing MY FIRST EVER PARTY!!!!

2015.12.06 Ugly  Sweater Party 2

Of course you are invited! With the holidays coming up, I am throwing the first ever, in the history of mankind (I’m pretty sure) BEAUTIFUL SWEATER CONTEST & PARTY. I know, you have probably heard of an Ugly Sweater Contest before. And yes, I am told I was created as an ugly sweater myself. Yet I have come to believe I am beautiful, so I am throwing a Beautiful Sweater Party.

Just so you know that I can laugh at myself, there will be three winners in the Sweater Contest. One for most beautiful sweater (vote for me!!!), one for the ugliest sweater and one for the most original sweater.

I’m throwing this bash at McCoy’s on the beach in Pompano. It’s located in the Marriott and when you have your valet ticket stamped, you can save the valet fee and just tip the hard working people that are keeping your car safe while we have fun.

McCoys Banner

There will be food out, door prizes, raffles and a 50/50 along with contests and games. Most of all, there will be wonderful people there, just like you. I have the most fantastic friends ever and they are going to love you as much as you will love them. Feel free to bring new friends, spouses and kids.

Your presence would be a present and oh so pleasant. Please say yes!

McCoy’s (Oceanfront restaurant in the Marriott)
1200 N Ocean Blvd, Pompano Beach, FL 33062

See you there!

Sophie’s Mission

Hi everyone. It’s me, Sophie!

I want to tell you why my mission is so important that I am opening up and being all vulnerable by letting you read my diary.



To spread great ideas on how to accept, appreciate and really love yourself, because I know that being confident is the key to being happier, more successful and having a fulfilling and meaningful life.


I went through some challenging times when I was searching for my forever home, my place in the world. I did not understand some of the things other people did, and why they would behave in a way that wasn’t nice, so I got confused, and that didn’t feel good at all.


When lots of things came at me at once, I retreated to a very dark place. Luckily, I had my “framily” to help me out and allow me to see that I am a wonderful and radiant being of light and I can and have done many awesome things already. Once I learned to love and appreciate myself, and how to stay in a positive frame of mind no matter what others may say or do, life got really good.

I am so much happier and it seems like everything always goes my way. I am able to manifest such incredible things because I have learned how to keep my energy vibrating at a very high frequency, which makes me a success magnet.

I have shared my journey and my heart with you in my diary, and with an open heart, I invite you to delight yourself with my story and learn how to deal with difficult people, conflict and inner doubts, just like I did. I want you to be as happy as I am. I promise you will love the story and learn so much.

Once you read the story, please pass it on and be part of my mission.

Sophies Mission Final 5


For Parents:

It is so important for parents to really feel self-love and live a life of confidence. Why?
~ You deserve a fantastic life that is easy, fun and fulfilling!
~ Children learn from how their parents act, not what they say. How can you teach confidence or convince your children they have value when you don’t value yourself or your abilities?
~ The best way to protect our children is to teach them to protect themselves, emotionally. This book provides the tools for them to do so, hidden in an adorable story they will love.
~ Parents say my diary format allows them to read with their children and gives them an opening to discuss relevant issues that can be challenging to bring up.


For Non-Adults:

This book is so fun. You will love it. We will get to be good friends as I open my heart to you. In return for your time, I will make sure you learn about how to deal with some of the crazy stuff we have to deal with in life. There are ways to make life much more fun. I want to make sure you understand how awesome you are so you can love this life you have been blessed with and bless the world by sharing your unique talents.


For Entrepreneurs:

You may wonder what this book has to do with being a mega success. EVERYTHING! I want you to be so happy and vibrating at such a high frequency, that you become a manifesting magnet. That’s the secret behind the secret.

~Get clear on what you want

~ Create a plan

~ Take action

~ While keeping a highly positive state of mind so you can vibrate at the same frequency as the awesome life you deserve.

I want you to have a wildly abundant and prosperous life!


To get your copy of my diary (you know you want to), please visit Barnes & Noble online at:
Or Amazon online at:

Get your copy now. And please help me further my mission to help others really love themselves and confidently live the life they desire and deserve.

Forever Yours,

~Shine Bright~

Get Your Happy On

Hi everyone. It’s me, Sophie!


I know that sometimes we all can get a little down. We hear news that makes us sad, we don’t do as well on a project as we wanted to or sometimes those “blues” just come to visit.

Just notice those feelings and ask yourself two questions.

One – Why do I feel this way? Examine why you feel that way. If there is a lesson to be learned, find out what it is so you can put whatever is keeping you from being up behind you. Once you have learned something from it, it has value and you can thank it for teaching you and let it go. Keep in mind that sometimes the lessons is that we don’t always know why. Sometimes the answer will never be clear to us and let that be alright too!

Two – Do I want to keep feeling this way? I know that sounds funny, but you do have a choice. The way we feel depends on the thoughts you think. If you do want to change your mood, think of things to be grateful for. The better thoughts will make you feel better.


In my diary, my “framily” and I came up with 41 tips to make you feel better. I am sharing a few of my favorites with you, in no particular order. I invite you to read my diary for the rest. (It really is okay to read it. I have so much I want to share with you.)


1. Each day write down three things for which you are grateful. It will trigger the feeling of gratitude, which will make you happy.

2. Write a short story about an experience you had that made you happy. Maybe it was catching a fish, or being on a vacation with family.

3. Sing a song that makes you happy. Singing releases chemicals from your brain that make you feel good.

4. Reach out to a friend. You will both feel good from the connection.

5. Smile. Just looking at yourself in a mirror and smiling for 30 seconds will get you out of a bad mood.

11. Listen to music. Music is a universal language that engages our souls. We have decided that few are immune to its power.

18. Play with a puppy, kitten or bunny rabbit. Soft, furry things that lick your face apparently make humans happy. We aren’t sure on this one, but we have all heard it so we are adding it to our list.

20. Look through old pictures or videos. The memories triggered will release feel-good endorphins to your brain, which will make you happier.

28. Make a list of people in your life you are lucky to have. Also, make a list of people lucky to have you in their lives.
34. Learn to forgive. And that includes forgiving yourself.

40. Look for a child who is happy and laughing. Did you know laughing can be contagious, just like a smile? Santa Steve told us about a time when one person started laughing at a joke so hard that before long the whole room was laughing, even though most of the people in the room never even heard the joke.

Those are 10 of my favorite ways to feel better. To read my diary and get the rest of the list, please visit Barnes & Noble online at:
Or Amazon online at:

Get your copy now. And thank you for letting me share some of the things I have learned. I love helping others feel better and it actually makes me feel better too. So thanks for making me feel good by allowing me to help you feel good.



~Shine Bright~

Elizabeth Learns Compassion

December 9


Dear Diary,

My worst nightmare came true. I don’t even know where to begin.

It was all his fault. He ruined me and I will never be the same. I am tainted and torn, and I will never be loved again. I am not worthy of love.

I know you think I am being melodramatic, but it is the truth. Here’s what happened Diary!

First thing this morning, we were taken out of our boxes and placed on hangers. Next, they attached little pieces of paper to us with our stock number (or SKU) and our price. Each item in this big store has its own SKU number. But I am getting off track; I don’t really want to think about what happened to me or what will surely be my resulting fate.

A young boy told another worker he was getting us “floor ready” before placing us on circular clothes racks out in the main store. I have to say, I was awestruck at first by the store’s amazing size. In all my two weeks on earth, I had never seen anything like it. It took me all day to get to know the names of things. I listened closely to the people walking through the store, talking about the “merchandise.”

We were in the middle of the women’s clothes area. There were other sweaters, shirts, jackets, pants, pajamas – thousands of beautiful choices all in one place. Across the aisle were purses and scarfs, and behind them was sparkling jewelry hanging from displays, while other items were being shown inside glass cubes. The jewelry really held my attention. All that sparkle and bling! That’s why I wasn’t paying attention when he walked up behind me. This large, short boy with red freckles all over his face grabbed me off the rack and held me up above his head.

“Check this one out,” he bellowed.

I didn’t get a good vibe from him at all. I was clearly several sizes too small for him.

He brought me over to a girl who was more my size and he started pulling on my poms … hard!

“Look at these,” he said as he chuckled in a weird, unpleasant way. Then he started pulling my poms even harder and asked her if she liked them.

Then it happened. He pulled one of my poms right off me! The pain was unbearable and I almost blacked out.

“Now you’ve done it. You ruined the sweater,” said the girl. “Get rid of it. Nobody’s going to want it now.”

Through the pain where my pom had been viciously ripped from me, I could feel a deeper pain. What did she mean nobody would want me? I was still the same. It wasn’t my fault I had been injured. My pom could be reattached!

I was feeling embarrassed, just like at the warehouse when the
three girls were calling me ugly and taking pictures of each other while wearing me. The combination of being scared, humiliated and hurt was making me a little sick to my stomach.

Adding further insult to injury, the buffoon tossed my pom on the floor and stuck me between the other sweaters on the rack. I was not put back on a hanger; I was not folded nicely. I was just hidden so he wouldn’t get in trouble for being mean to me. My only solace was in knowing that I wouldn’t be stuck going home with him due to the store’s “you-break-it-you-buy-it” policy. Nobody saw him “break” me.

I looked over at the jewelry, but it didn’t seem to sparkle as bright as it had only a scant few moments before. I felt so cheapened by the abuse of that boy that I couldn’t enjoy the kids, or the laughter, or the spirit of Christmas; that is, until just before closing. What I saw and heard then changed everything.

I saw a young woman pushing her child in a small pink wheelchair. The young girl looked to be about six years old in people years. She had dark beautiful hair and bright green eyes, along with the cutest pink cheeks. The mother was clearly looking for Christmas deals, as she turned every price tag before taking any item off the rack for a better look.

An elderly man with a cane came hobbling along. He was in a hurry and not paying attention to what was going on around him. As he hurried past the mother and daughter, his cane ran into the little girl’s leg and she let out a muffled cry. This startled the old man, and once the look of surprise cleared his face it was replaced by hostility.

“Where did you come from?” he barked at the little girl. “You need to watch where you are going.” Then to the mother, “If she is going to be in one of those things, you better teach her how to use it. What kind of a mother are you?”

“Excuse us, sir. We will be more mindful in the future,” was the woman’s gentle reply.

Not quite satisfied but left with nothing to say, the old man retreated, cane in hand and grumbling under his breath.

Once he was far enough away, the little girl looked up at her mother, confused and wanting answers.

“Why was he so mean to me?” she asked. “Did I do something wrong that I don’t understand? He really did bump into me, mommy. Why did you apologize? I don’t know what I did wrong, but I must have done something because I sure feel bad.”

I wanted to reach out and tell her that it was not her fault, that she had no reason to feel bad. And as this urge got stronger, I realized that this was good advice for me, too. It wasn’t my fault that a boy had been mean to me earlier, either. The only difference was that I had to worry about never being picked by a forever person and the little girl had a mom.

But I know I’ll never forget what the little girl’s mother told her in response to the very valid questions.

The woman squatted down so she was eye level with her chair-ridden daughter.

“I am glad you are asking, Elizabeth. You see, when someone else is in a bad mood or wants to be mean, their energy level is vibrating very low. When people are happy and friendly to others, their energy level is vibrating very high. Does that make sense so far?”

Little Elizabeth considered the answer with a scrunched-up face, then replied in a tone that was low and slow, “So when people are upset, they are looow and slooow.” Then Elizabeth’s voice got excited and she took on a higher, quicker tone, “and when people are in a good mood they are high and happy?”

Her mother smiled and nodded, “I think you have that part right. Now consider this. If a person is looow and slooow,” she said, mimicking Elizabeth’s earlier tone, “then perhaps it is because something has happened to them that is making them sad. Maybe they are sick or afraid of something. There are many reasons why people can get looow and slooow. Do you think we can be kind enough not to judge them, and instead show them the Christmas spirit no matter what time of year it is?”

Elizabeth broke out in a big smile, “Of course, mommy. We should be extra nice to everyone all the time, especially if they are being mean, right?”

“Right,” her mother answered. “However, there are a couple of other things to keep in mind. First, it is important that you keep your own energy vibrating high. This is what keeps you safe and happy in life. So when someone says or does something that is coming from a low or negative place, the only way they can take you to that negative place, too, is if you start thinking negative thoughts about what they did.”

She continued. “When the man first bumped you, it may have hurt a little where he bumped you, but inside, you still felt okay, yes?”

Elizabeth thought a moment and responded, “Yes.”

“When did you start feeling bad inside?” her mom queried.
“When he started yelling at me,” replied Elizabeth. “I got very
upset. I wondered how anyone could bump into me and then turn around and yell at me. He should have apologized to me!”

“So you started to feel bad when you started to have bad thoughts about his behavior.”

“Yes,” Elizabeth said with a bit of annoyance, “He was rude.”

“And when you stop thinking those thoughts and start thinking that maybe he just got bad news, or could be sick … and you begin feeling compassion for the man, how do you feel?”

Elizabeth took a second to immerse herself in imaginary compassion for the man and you could see her mood change. “I feel better, mom.”

“And the lesson here, my precious Elizabeth, is this: You cannot change what other people will say or do. But realize that when someone is being mean or belittling you, it is all about what they are going through – which has nothing to do with you. When you reach out in compassion, even when you are not being treated with the same respect, you will always know you did your best. And when you keep your thoughts on feelings like love and compassion, you have a superpower. It’s like an invisible force field blocking any negative energy from putting you in a bad mood.

“And no matter what anyone says or does to you,” the mother continued, “that does not change the kind, pretty, funny, future artist that you are. Never think that you are less than perfect because of what someone else says or does! Understand?”

“I understand, mommy,” said Elizabeth as she leaned forward and threw her arms around her mother’s neck.
As her mother stood back up and start wheeling Elizabeth away, I found myself smiling, too. This was exactly what I needed to hear; exactly when I needed to hear it. I was going to be compassionate about the mean boy who pulled off my pom. Maybe his mother dropped him on his head when he was a baby; or maybe he drank cleaning fluid as a kid. But I now knew that I was still wonderful, and the right person would see that. I would find a forever home no matter what the brain-damaged person had done to me.

I also realize that perhaps I still need to work on this compassion thing, but it’s a start.


~Excerpt from Diary of an Ugly Sweater

It’s Me, Sophie!

Hi everyone!

It’s me, Sophie!!! You may have heard about my book, “Diary of an Ugly Sweater”. I told all my problems to my diary and also shared all the solutions I came up with as well.


I’ve been through some pretty low places, and times when I didn’t know how I would go on. Yet, I have learned and continue to learn, many wonderful lessons. I invite you to write to me and tell me about your problems. I’ll share some of the things that have worked for me.

And you ahead and read my diary. I invite you to buy my book and take this journey with me. It’s a fun and fanciful tale that will hit home and have a lasting impact on you and your life.

I’ll tell you more about my diary later, and share new secrets if you have already read Diary of an Ugly Sweater. Until then,

Shine Your Light & Shine It Bright